Hanai House

The Hanai House is a concept of shared living for adults of mild to moderate need, and potentially at-risk when living alone, that our office, William Brummett Architects and Concerto Consulting, has been researching and creating for some time. The word Hanai (pronounced hay-nay-eye) is Hawaiian, and the concept means “chosen family.” The house is... Continue Reading →

Community as Archetype

I had intended to do a design sketch for this blog, and am working on it. My plan was to set every 4th blog or so as a design charrette- drawings showing ideas of supportive settings, and I will be doing that. Putting ideas on paper.  It takes longer than one might think, and feels... Continue Reading →

Come Together

In discussing the challenges to integrating real, diverse community into supportive living settings, such as senior living, the subject of cost inevitably arises.  Financial forces, economy of scale, cost of development, cost of care, cost of land, affordability and access to quality care all gather at the table. Just a tiny bite to take on.... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Retirement

No, I am not trying to sell you long-term care insurance or a reverse mortgage. If the purpose of this blog is to explore how we may bring more opportunities for purpose and community engagement into supportive living settings, then one group of topics worth studying is what are the hurdles to doing so.  It's... Continue Reading →

7 Years

What would you do with 7 extra years added to your lifespan? That's 2,557 days. It’s huge. What would I do? Would I spend them well? Put a lot of quality life into the living? What have I done with the last 7 years? Can I look back on them as time well spent? I... Continue Reading →

Introducing Concerto Consulting

We are a design and development consulting service that helps clients, developers, owners and operators envision and create new or re-imagined settings for seniors and others with physical or cognitive challenges that authentically and meaningfully engage the broader community and embrace opportunities for rich and purposeful living.   Concerto Consulting is an arm of William... Continue Reading →

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